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The First Coffee

Based on the concept that the first coffee Japanese people might have ever tasted could be "Taiwanese Coffee."

United by a bond that spans over 100 years, Taiwan, a coffee-savvy nation with a robust friendship, delivers the highest quality coffee.

Often described as having a "Taiwanese tea-like feel"" or a taste that is "coffee but not quite like any coffee,"" it possesses an approachability and deliciousness that even those not fond of coffee can appreciate. With a variety of flavors depending on the origin and plantation, there is also the joy of exploring and finding a farm that suits your taste.

Furthermore, due to Taiwan's small cultivation area and the use of slopes where machines cannot reach, only ripe fruits are selected by hand, ensuring the elimination of any undesirable flavors and contributing to an improvement in quality. This level of dedication is considered on par with specialty coffees such as Hawaii Kona coffee, known to be among the top 5% in global circulation.
Our brand LOGO is inspired by the short film 'BUT FIRST, COFFEE' (with English subtitle) which depicts Taiwan's coffee culture and heartwarming interaction with Japan.
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