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Striving for even greater advancements and achievements.
While sustaining PR activities, a corporate entity is established to further introduce Taiwan's unique products to a global audience. PR camtpaigns targeting Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia are also launched.
Building on the previous year's efforts, the government continues PR activities under the theme ""Taiwan Coffee Festival - See, Taste, Enjoy, Savor Taiwanese Coffee.""
A government-led initiative for promoting Taiwanese coffee is established, initiating PR activities alongside the film. In its first year, over 400kg of green coffee beans are imported.
A short film titled ""The First Coffee,"" centered around Taiwanese coffee, is produced under government initiative.
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Mission and Objectives

We dedicate to handling specialty products from Taiwan and promoting ""Made in Taiwan"" globally from Japan. We aim to introduce the lifestyle and culture of Taiwan to our customers. Our mission is to facilitate sustainable trade and international cultural exchange, bringing happiness to our customers through unique and original products and services. We are committed to environmentally friendly business practices, incorporating ESG and SDGs in our operations to contribute to a better future. Our ultimate goal is to become a global company with a presence worldwide.

Company Name Origin

ORIOWL is a coined term reflecting our aspirations. ""ORI"" stands for original, and ""OWL"" represents the owl. We strive to develop a cool and mysterious brand image, offering original and unique products and services. We propose a beautiful design and a sustainable lifestyle, mindful of the environment. Through these principles, ORIOWL aims to positively impact customers, local communities, and the entire planet.”
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Company CEO

Born in Kyoto, Japan. Participated in numerous film projects as a CG artist, CG director, and VFX coordinator in various locations including Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines (2004~present).

Worked in the trading department of a liquor company, responsible for exporting spirits to Hong Kong (2018~2019).

Currently, my primary focus is on Taiwanese tea and Taiwanese coffee. The products I can handle include Taiwanese coffee, Taiwanese tea and Taiwanese agricultural products.”


Mission and Objectives

Company Name

ORIOWL Co., Ltd.


Noriko Hasegawa

Phone Number

(+81) 50-5532-1182


Mimoza Building 3F, 2-11-10 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005, JAPAN

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Business Activities

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Import-Export of Specialty

We specialize in the import and export of carefully selected specialty products, primarily focusing on imports from Taiwan, especially in the field of coffee, and exports from Japan to the global market. With a commitment to quality and leveraging our unique routes and networks, we provide our customers with the highest quality goods. In the realm of international business, we aim to deliver value to our customers through sustainable trade and high-quality products.
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Event Organization

We handle the planning and organization of various events, actively engaging in a wide range of activities such as introducing Taiwanese culture and lifestyle events, as well as international exchange events. Through providing enjoyable experiences and facilitating new connections for our customers, we contribute to deepening cultural exchange and understanding.
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Advertising and Public Relations

We conduct advertising and PR activities to effectively promote our customers' businesses and brands. Utilizing unique branding methods and specialized knowledge, we support our customers in reaching a broader audience through various media and platforms. With a strategic and creative approach, we propel the growth of our customers' businesses. Other services include Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) initiatives and consulting. Through these business sectors, we aim to offer optimal solutions to our customers' needs and communicate our unique value to the world.
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(+81) 50-5532-1182
Mimoza Building 3F, 2-11-10 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005, JAPAN
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